About Faith Connection Websites

Hi and thanks for checking out our Website!

My name is Randal Johnson and I own and operate Faith Connection Websites.  We are a Website Design Firm that specializes in creating beautiful, well laid-out and easy to use Websites for small to medium sized Churches and Religious Organizations.

Church Website design is my Passion!  Churches need a modern and easy to use Website so that they can attract people to their Church and also educate and empower their Members.  I believe that this is a Talent given to me by God and is my calling in life and I have devoted myself to the task of mastering the art of Church Website Design and Development.

If you have a computer with an internet connection, I can show you how we can dramatically help you attract people to your Church and educate and empower your members.  Online demonstrations are free of charge and If you are in the Central Arkansas area, I can also meet with you and your staff in person.

Please call me at 501 840-1157 at your convenience or email me at Randal@FaithConnectionWebsites.com