Your Church's Online Image

As you know, Outreach is crucial to maintaining and growing any Church.  I have done extensive research and have had many, many conversations with other Church Webmasters and Pastors and I have come to one inescapable conclusion:

If your Church doesn't have a dynamic, attractive and easy
to navigate Website for visitors to experience on the internet,
they will keep looking at other Churches' Websites.
It's just that simple.

And, it goes without saying, that In a perfect world, those individuals and families who are looking for a Church Home would pray about it, seek the Lord's will and then go where the Holy Spirit leads them.  And occasionally, some of them do just that.  But in today's Media-based society, people will make a conscience decision about visiting a Church based on the appearance of that Church's Website.

Consider this example.  A new family moves into town and is searching the internet for a Church in their local area to visit next Sunday.  They find an attractive, well designed and easy to navigate Website containing beautiful pictures, graphics and interesting information about the Church, it's Pastors, Program Staff, Sunday School Classes, Ministries, Activities, etc., and they stay on that Website and have a look around.

They check out the Pastors and Staff's Pages to see what they look like, their spouses names, how many children they have, where they went to school and so on.  This helps the visitor get a sense that there are real flesh and blood people at that Church.  This also helps the Visitor remember faces and they are much more likely to introduce themselves to Staff when they visit that next Sunday.  They will continue to navigate through the Church's Website to other sections to see what else defines that Church, such as their Worship Service Times, Sunday School Classes, Mission Statement, History, Beliefs, parking areas for visitors, and so on.

Next, they might navigate to the Children's Dept to see what the Nursery looks like.  If they see clear, high resolution pictures of friendly-looking people holding happy, healthy babies in a clean and safe environment, they will make an immediate decision about visiting that Church.  This is HUGE for a Church

Being Musically Inclined, they might check out the Music Department.  Once there, they will see clear, high resolution pictures of Choir Members singing with smiling faces and they will want to visit their Choir Practice and meet the Choir Director.  They will also look at the Choir Director's Staff Page and see what he or she looks like, read their Bio and see where they went to school and read a warm invitation to them to join the Choir at their next practice.  The same thing goes for other Ministries, Bible Studies, Community Events and so on.

In addition to Website Design, we also offer
sales, training and implementation of Media Screen software for your Sanctuary or other building in the Easy Worship® Media Presentation software.  See the "Media Presentation" link in the dropdown under the "About Us" Menu button.

Please give me a call at 501 840-1157501 840-1157 or email me at at your earliest convenience.  I'd like to sit down with you and and explain in more detail how I can help you attract people to your Church and educate and empower your Members through a new Website designed especially for your Church.

Randal Johnson
Owner, CEO
(501) 840-1157