Advantages of using a Professional Website Developer for your Church

The advantages of using a Professional Website Developer for your Church:
The advantages of using a Professional Website Developer for your Church are numerous and aren't necessarily things that would occur to most people. In today’s media-based society, the general public expects Churches to have a dynamic presence on the internet. Websites should have an attractive design, be thoughtfully laid-out and easy to navigate.

Members and visitors are accustomed to referencing a Church’s Website for all sorts of useful information and a modern Church’s Website is now considered to be a basic component of that Congregation.

The "do-it-yourself" approach.

When a Church addresses the issue of creating their first Website, often times a well-meaning member will offer to build the Website for the Church themselves, free of charge. This thoughtful member may be tech-savvy and wanting to serve their Church with their talent or may be have been told that the creation of a Church Website is a simple “do it yourself” type project, or that there is a “one size fits all” Website creation software available that will help them easily build a Church Website in a short period of time, at little or, believe it or not, even no cost.
This is simply not true.

If this individual starts work on the new Website on their own, this will start the downward spiral of the “learn as you go” process, requiring the Member to invest several weeks or even months (depending on their level of technical expertise) of their personal time while they acquire the necessary skills needed in order to complete the project. As this learning process continues, this individual will more than likely become overwhelmed by the amount of time that is required to complete each step of the development process, not to mention the disipline needed to follow through to the end of the project. 

Their original enthusiasum for the project will begin to fade and the Website Project then lags behind or completely stops all together.  Realizing that they've "bitten off more than they can chew", they will be hesitant to say, when asked, how the new Website is progressing, they will simply say "they're working on it".

All the while, members and visitors are viewing a Website that is continually “under construction” and never completed, giving the online public the impression that the Church is not serious about their presence on the internet.  Needless to say, a negative impression doesn't tend to compell someone want to to visit that Church.      I can personally vouch for one local Church in the area I live in whose Website has been "under construction" for over three years.

The creation of a dynamic, attractive, thoughtfully designed and easy to navigate Church Website is an exacting process that requires an advanced level of technical expertise and experience. Each Congregation is unique, with it’s own core identity and involvement in the local community. 

There is no “one size fits all” Website design solution.

If you've gone the "do-it-yourself" route and are at an impass, or simply desire to have your personal time back to do other things, we understand.

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