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Advantages of using a Professional Website Developer for your Church

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Randal Johnson

"Connecting Visitors and your Congregation to your Church."

Hello!  I'm Randal Johnson and I own and operate Faith Connection Websites. We specialize in Websites for Churches. If your Church doesn't yet have a Website, please contact me for a free consultation.  I'd like to meet with you and explain in detail all of the wonderful aspects of modern Website Design that are available and how they can be utilized to attract people to your Church. 
A Website also empowers your members with information about the exciting things happening in your Congregation. 

A modern Website can also be a powerful witnessing tool.  A video of the Pastor giving a personal greeting to visitors to visit the Church next Sunday has a meaningful effect on the viewer and this personal greeting WILL get visitors into the Sanctuary.  If your Church has an existing Website but you aren't happy with it or if you've simply out-grown it, I can take the work that's already been done, add updated content to that, and create a beautiful and fully functional Website for your Church.

Also, if you have an existing Website that was constructed within the FinalWeb® Platform, we can take the work that's already been done and build from there or create an entirely new Design. 

Trial Websites are easily created and can be viewed in the comfort of your home or office and are available at no charge.  Simply contact us and we'll set up a time to meet and visit.

Please call me at your convenience by cell at (501) 840-1157 or via Email at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Randal Johnson
Owner, CEO